Alkimia *


One Michelin Star

Barcelona, Spain

Dinner, 15 July 2013

IMG_2314Macadamia crackers

IMG_2315Filtered tomato “water”, olive oil, bread crumbs and a slice of cured sausage.

IMG_2318Toast with truffle butter, anchovy and grilled vegetables

IMG_2324Sardine with ratatouille and black olives

IMG_2328Tomato, truffle, fresh cheese, fresh almonds

IMG_2332Cod brandade with green beans



IMG_2338Blue bouillabaise with seafood



IMG_2348Natural cuttlefish with ink sauce and ginger

IMG_2357Prawn “A la Mano”. Poached and grilled on burnt bay leaf and sea salt

IMG_2362Sea bass

IMG_2366Veal kidney with coffee crumble


Royal Duck

IMG_2375Wild strawberries, cream and cirtus

IMG_2378Chocolate with burnt rum ice cream

IMG_2385Red fruit with yoghurt foam

IMG_2390Pine nut sponge dusted with coffee and lime

IMG_2392Passion fruit sorbet wrapped in white chocolate


Chef: Jordi Vilà

Current michelin star rating 2013: One

Carrer de la Industria, 79  08025 Barcelona, Spain

Leon K

Comerç 24 *

Comerç 24

One Michelin Star

Barcelona, Spain

Dinner, 13 July 2013

IMG_2147Monkfish, black shisho, black garlic, smoked trumpet of the dead infusion, dashi and sesamy oil.

IMG_2148Cauliflower with ginger and rice vinegar.

IMG_2150Pizza 24

Tomato sauce, mozzarella, anchovies, cherries and greens

IMG_2151Filo, parma, lemon and basil

IMG_2158 - KopiBread.

IMG_2166Sponge ceviche.

IMG_2172Beet oyster

IMG_2174Beach shrimp ceviche with shrimp granité, ceviche granite, peach ice cream and coriander.


IMG_2182Cockle spheres with dashi, black shisho and herbs

IMG_2185Sardines with orange and fresh wasabi


The PassIMG_2193


IMG_2196Egg, truffle and mushroom bouillon

IMG_2203Razor clams Zaru-soba

IMG_2205Tuna tartar

IMG_2208Cod with chard, chickpeas and miso.


IMG_2228Duck rice with foie gras.

IMG_2236Whiting with Mediterranean vinaigrette


Beef sirloin with turnips



Cheese.IMG_2265Chocolate, goat milk foam, cherries.



Lemon ice teaIMG_2273

Azafran: Apple and vanilla purée, caramelized apple, mocca crumble, saffron ice cream, toffee and chocolate.


Turrón cream dipped in chocolate with coffee purée, deep fried almonds and  “sigard neula”



Peanut ice cream with chocolate and cocoa powder on a brownie with peanut purée and crispy corn.



Strawberry gelée with balsamico marinated tomato. parmesan, pine nuts, basil,  vanilla ice cream and yoghurt foam


IMG_2294Back to front: Vanilla oreo with black sesame, wild pine nuts with chocolate, chocolate “gold bar”, matcha tablet.

Chef: Carles Abellan

Chef de cuisine: Arnau Muñio

Current michelin star rating: One

Carrer Comerç, 24  08003 Barcelona, Spain

Leon K

Yam’Tcha *


One Michelin Star

Paris, France

Lunch, 20 June 2012

Welcome tea. Thé Blanc “Blanc de Roses”

We chose the lunch “discovery” menu with tea and wine pairing.

Butternut squash, peanuts

Tuna from south of france, mussels, sweet potato nudles

Steamed brioche

Steamed Lobster, egg yolk with soya, ginger and fresh tomatoes

The tea master

Pollock, potato puré with seaweed

Roasted hanged chicken, savoy cabbage, shi take mushrooms, fresh almonds

More tea.

Fresh goat cheese with toast, honey, soya sauce and olive oil, biodynamic green tea.

Thé Rouge “Yixin”.

Sorrel cream, chocolate ice cream, raspberries and a brown sugar tuille

Thé Bleu ” Teiquanyin” fragrance

Thé Bleu Ooloong ” Shuixin”

We bought some tea to bring home.

Chef: Adeline Grattard

Tea master: Chi Wah

Current michelin star rating 2013: One

4 Rue Sauval  75001 Paris, France

Leon K

Passage 53 **

Passage 53

Two Michelin Stars

Paris, France

Dinner, 7 July 2012

Passage des Panoramas

Our table

Wild salsify, poached in butter then grilled

Two kinds of butter, one spicy.

Zucchini velouté with basil sorbet

Crab, cucumber granité, horseraddish and a chilled soup of cucumber and verbena.

Langoustines an a couliflower puré with raw cauliflower shavings on top.

White aspasagus, parmesancream flavoured with iberico ham, fresh almonds and eggs mimosa.

Half a lobster with green peas, fava beans, turnips and wheat berries. The foam was green pea and fava as well.

Veal consummé with an eggyolk and pickled mushrooms

Bresse Chicken with roasted potatoes, mustard seed puré, lovage and lovage foam

Pigeon with carrot salad, carrot and almond milk puré  and honey alcohol sauce

Creme brulée foam flavoured with elderberry and a honey sorbet. and on the side, a lime ice cream

Cherries and white chocolate

Almond dessert

Chocolate ganache tart with citrus


Chef de cuisine: Shinichi Sato

Current michelin star rating: Two

53 Passage des Panoramas  75002 Paris, France

Leon K

Le Violon d`Ingres *

Le Violon d`Ingres

One Michelin Star

Paris, France

Dinner, 31. June 2012

A lot of choices in the alacarte, but we went for the surprise tasting menu.

Chilled white bean soup with fresh goat cheese.

Soft boiled egg with truffle, green salad, crutons and truffle toast.

Steamed red mullet filet and a tartelette with garlic, onionconfit, mozzarella cheese, basil and dried tomatoes.

Quail stuffed with foie gras served with peas and carrots.



Raspberries with mascarpone cream, meringue and a lime and ginger sauce.

Madeleine and soft caramels for petit fours

Chef: Christian Constant

Chefs de cuisine : Jérémie Tourdjman and Alain Carrere

Current michelin star rating 2012: One

135, rue Saint-Dominique, 75007 Paris

Leon K

Kei *


One Michelin Star

Paris, France

Dinner, 20 June, 2012

The dining room

Biscuits with foie gras terrine and ginger jelly

Butter and fleur de sel

Table decoration. A purple orchid.

Onion sorbet, tomato concasse, basil powder and char caviar

Salad of vegetables from Joel Thiebault, house smoked salmon, yoghurt dressing, spice bread crumbs

Cucumber jelly, chilled avocado soup, green apple sorbet

Lobster claws, strawberries, green beens, fresh almonds, spice salt

Sea bass with crispy skin, choritzo emulsion, zucchini and and green pea puré. Herb oil was drizzled on the plate at the table.

Lobster tempura, pesto and curry

Pigeon on crispy salad

Porc with purple potato espuma


Strawberries and Raspberries, strawberry sorbet, basil ice cream, merengue and strawberry tuille
Chocolate ganache with crumbs that popped in your mouth, caramel cream in a crispy caramel pipe and a goat`s milk sorbet

Madeleine with salty caramel dip. a spoon with a green tea sphere and a peppermint leaf dipped in sugar.

Chocolate ganache.

whiskey and cognac.

Chef: Kei Kobayashi

Current michelin star rating 2013:  One

5 rue Coq Héron 75001 Paris

Leon K

Le Cinq **

Le Cinq

Two Michelin Stars

Paris, France

Lunch, 18. June, 2012
Dining room

In addition to the big a la carte they had a set lunch menu with two choices for entres, two for mains and two for dessert. We all went for the set menu but chose different combinations and added cheese as well. I asked for a different dessert I had read about in advance and that was no problem at all.

Champagne Diebolt-Vallois Champagne “Blanc de Blancs Prestige”

Snacks with the bubbles. pickled maquerell, parmesan crisp, buscuit with radish butter

 Two different kinds of butter in small bell jars.  One regular and one with sea weed.

Deep fried shrimp heads on the left, curry prawn in the middle and a chilled green pea soup with onion compot on the right.

Burgundy snails with watercress cream and garlic preserve

Served with the snails. Spicy eggplant crisp, radish, black olive tapenade

Crab salad with japanese radish and herbs

yellow wine jelly

John Dory roasted with ginger, semi-dried tomatoes, onion ravioli with terragon, peppersalad

Premium black angus steak, cherry chutney, black olive tapenade.

Beef tartar with kapers and brown mushrooms,  potato chips, olive oil caviar.

Cheese cart

Cucumber jelly, sheep milk sorbet, pickled kumquat, black olive tapenade

After eight gateaux

Green tea granitè

Raspberry Saint Honorè, eau-de-vie ice cream

George V style Paris-brest filled with hazelnut ice cream and lemon sorbet on the side.


Petit Four trolley

Sweets to bring home.

Chef de cuisine: Eric Briffard

Sommelier: Eric Beumard

Current michelin star rating 2013: Two

31 av. George V F – 75008 Paris

Leon K

Jean-François Piège **

Jean-François Piège

Two Michelin Stars

Paris, France

Dinner, 2 May, 2012


Five different snacks. Clockwise from the left: Deep fried ball with snails and herb cream. Sugar salted salmon with dill and puff pastry. Puffed pizza with black olives. salty cracker with smoked ham and mustard. And in the middle: crisps with a yoghurt-liqourice dip.

IMG_9295Three people in our party. We all chose three ingredients. The same two starters but different main courses for all of us.

Cheese and desserts were the same for everyone.

IMG_9298Asparagus from Provence, cream of fresh cheese, asparagus juice and parmesan.




Poached lobster and pan fried foie gras in a morel bouillon. Toast, herbs and morel-parmesan crisp.


The dining room


Veal sweetbreads with morel vinaigrette and mushroom sauce.

IMG_9325 - Kopi

Pigeon stuffed with foie gras, black olive sauce, potato confit, potato crisps and a green salad.


Wild turbot with herb cream and root vegetables.

IMG_9348Cheese with quince marmelade.


Cream cheese with strawberry sauce


Chocolate, caramel and passionfruit.


Merengue with rhubarb cream, dried rhubarb and strawberry.


Ile flottant with caramel. Vanilla sauce in the center.


Custard with black tea.

Chef: Jean-François Piège

Chef De Cuisine: Marc Favier

Current michelin star rating 2013: Two

Leon K

Benoit *


One Michelin Star

Paris, France

Lunch, 30 April, 2012

We were three people and picked three dishes each from the ala carte and from the menu of the day.

First some snacks. Warm gougeres…

… and rillette of duck for sharing.

Parisian ham with spring vegetable Macedonia

Snails in the shell

Patè in pastry crust.

Sole Nantua, crayfish and spinach.

Duck breast

Asparagus from Provence with a truffle mousselline sauce.

Chocolate cake with crispy praline and hazelnut ice cream.

Profiteroles with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce

Mille feuille


Chef: Alain Ducasse
Chef de Cuisine: Eric Azoug
Current Michelin Star rating 2013: One

Leon K

Ze Kitchen Galerie * (revisited)

Ze Kitchen Galerie

One Michelin Star

Paris, France

Dinner, 30 March, 2012


The dining room

Brill carpaccio, citrus, mango.

Thai buillon with beef raviolis.

Pasta, asparagus.

Mackerel, Kumquat-sesame condiment

Grilled Suckling pig, gnocchi, curry jus, mostarda vinaigrette.

Marinated pineapple and mango. Coconut, passion fruit, lime.

White chocolate and wasabi ice cream. Pistachio, torrone, red tea emulsion.

Chef : William Ledeuil

Current michelin star rating 2013: One

4 r. des Grands-Augustins F – 75006 Paris 06

Check out my first visit to Ze Kitchen Galerie here

Leon K

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